The Social Design Network aims to change the design discipline from within. True to the founding vision of Dr. Bori Fehér (MOME, Hungary) and Prof. Jonatan Ventura (Shenkar, Israel), we work both with and for local communities on a global platform using collaborative processes and knowledge-sharing. Through each project, we actively develop and explore new ways of collaboration, innovative methods and tools for positive social impact.

How can we begin to manifest this massive endeavor in an impactful and sustainable way? Our approach covers three areas: design pedagogy and education, design practice, and research.

In each area, we are committed to working within social design frameworks, co-creating research projects, publications, courses, and conferences with a diverse set of partners. While our own network is embedded in higher education, we collaborate with NGOs, government agencies and industrial partners that share our values.

Colorful bubbles
Colorful bubbles

A care-ful approach

The Social Design Network works with a humanistic and pluralist system of values. We explore complex global challenges and social cultural change with curiosity, empathy, care, perseverance, and humility. Within each project, we also flip the lens, to critically question our role as designers, design researchers, and educators.

We work to create innovative strategies for individuals and communities that find themselves in unknown territories. Each strategy seeks to address the psychological, socio-cultural and political issues raised by this important shift.

Our work is facilitated through the power of our network and network effect. While our founding members and board maintain a vision across activations, our members self-lead impactful projects around the world.